What kind of a reception should I have for a funeral service in Ottawa?

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Funeral receptions have been part of funerals for centuries. Offering a meal following a funeral service is one way to continue the celebration of the life of the deceased. Although funeral receptions are common, there is no rule that says you must host one.  Here are some tips from your funeral home in Ottawa to make it easier for you if you do want to provide a meal.  

Enlist Help from Others to Plan a Funeral Reception  

Many times, your place of worship will help with a funeral reception if you are part of a religious organization. Churches often have a committee that takes on the responsibility for the family, to make the task easier. If that isn’t an option, talk to your close friends about helping you or hosting a reception at a local restaurant or venue. The funeral director at a funeral home in Ottawa may have specific suggestions for you.  

Keep the Food Simple  

Funeral receptions do not have to be lavish menus. Simple food that can be easily prepared or catered is usually enough. Potlucks are common with funeral receptions, giving people who want to help, a chance to bring something for the table. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t try to prepare the meal yourself; you will have a lot on your mind and many tasks you need to attend to as you plan a funeral service in Ottawa 

Keep the Guest List Small  

Funeral receptions give people a chance to reminisce about the deceased. It’s more relaxed than the funeral service, which lets people have more freedom to talk and to reconnect. Keeping the guest list small lets you talk to more of your family and close friends, while making it easier to plan the reception.  
A funeral reception is a nice way to share each other’s company after the formal funeral service. The type of reception you want to have, if you want to have one, is just one of the questions that your funeral director might ask you when you are planning a funeral. For more information about funeral pre-planning services or funeral planning, contact First Memorial Fairview 

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