How Can I Make a Funeral Service in Ottawa More Personal?

How Can I Make a Funeral Service in Ottawa More Personal?
By Published On: December 13, 2021Categories: Blog, Funeral Planning

Many people spend months, even years thinking about their wedding service, while a funeral is often planned in just a few days. Making sure the funeral honours the deceased is important, but many things can get overlooked in the haste. Think about these questions that the funeral director might ask you when planning a funeral. It’s important to tell the story of your loved one in their celebration of life, here are some tips and ideas that can help you to do that. 

A Funeral Video or Photo Slideshow  

Photos and videos are a nice way to remember the deceased through the years. You can present this slideshow while people are being seated before the service, during the service while music is playing, and after the service as the receiving line exits the venue. It can also be a family heirloom that you can show on anniversaries or holidays to keep the memory alive. Collect photos from all stages of the deceased’s life. Try to find photos from multiple sources for a variety of portraits.  

Personalizing the Memorial Service  

Your loved one has a story that goes deeper than their pictures. Talk to the funeral home in Ottawa about ways you can personalize the funeral service.  

  • Arrange for military honours.  
  • Include religious elements.  
  • Design a special floral arrangement.  
  • Display favorite personal belongings.  
  • Play music that was special to the deceased, even if it isn’t “traditional” for a funeral.  
  • Ask family members to read quotes, poems, or readings that were special to the deceased.  
  • Light candles.  
  • Highlight a special organization that the deceased supported.  
  • Serve the loved one’s favorite foods at the reception.  

Want to personalize your own funeral? For funeral pre-planning, work with a funeral director to account for your wishes. Contact First Memorial Fairview to make funeral arrangements.  

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