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Questions Your Funeral Home May Ask when Planning a Funeral in Ottawa

Top 10 Questions Your Funeral Home May Ask when Planning a Funeral in Ottawa

Who will be the main contact with the funeral home? Who can answer questions, make decisions and approve plans for the funeral service?

Although the entire family may want to be included in making plans for the deceased, only certain people have the legal authority to make decisions. If an executor is named in a will, this person takes precedence. Otherwise, it falls to the spouse, or the adult children. With funeral pre-planning in Ottawa, the deceased may have already made decisions. The family just needs to finalize the plans.

What is your budget for arranging a funeral in Ottawa?

Funeral costs vary based on the type of funeral services you choose. A traditional burial service may be a bit more expensive than direct cremation, but not necessarily. You aren’t obligated to purchase a package if your budget is a concern. Talking to the funeral home in Ottawa about your budget can help you decide which services are necessary versus which services you can pass on.

Did your loved one want to be buried or cremated?

Many people now choose cremation over burial, but it’s always important to remember your loved one’s wishes when deciding which type of funeral service to arrange. You may also want to consider the religious and cultural beliefs of your deceased loved one.

What kind of flower arrangements do you want at the Ottawa funeral service and/or reception?

flower arrangements

Traditionally, flowers are representative of sympathy and love at the funeral. Immediate family members of the deceased often purchase casket wreaths or sprays to reflect their closeness to the deceased. Lilies, roses, orchids, and carnations are common funeral flowers, but not every culture finds flowers appropriate for condolences. This is an individual and a family decision to make when arranging a funeral in Ottawa.

Are there any personal touches that would mean something to your loved one and the family and close friends that you want to include in the funeral service?

We encourage you to personalize the memorial service to make it memorable to the person you are honoring. Your celebration of life service should represent the deceased’s beliefs, traditions, and values. If you’re not sure what to include, discuss it with the funeral director and your family.

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Do you want a wake, a viewing, a receiving line for the family and/or a reception at the funeral service? Do you want an open casket?

Funeral services in Ottawa can be tailored to your family’s wishes. You can choose to have an open casket at a funeral, even if you are choosing cremation, but you may need to rent a casket and have the body embalmed. With direct cremation, you won’t be able to hold a viewing. Many families choose to put a picture of the deceased next to the floral arrangement and urn at the front of the service. Plan the service that fits your family.

Do you want a video or photo slideshow presentation as part of the celebration of life service? (If yes, can you provide at least 20-30 photos?)

Our staff can help you put together a slideshow that can run before and after the funeral service in Ottawa. We can scan analog photographs or use digital photos. Choose photos that showcase the deceased’s personality. If you can, gather photos from more than one source.

Will there be a religious funeral service? If yes, what religion?

We can coordinate different religious services at our funeral home in Ottawa, to make the service more meaningful. We need to know your religious beliefs. You don’t have to include religion in the service—it is a choice for the family of the deceased keeping in mind their loved one’s wishes. We can also help coordinate a military service for a veteran, with or without religious services.

Where will the funeral service be held?

Our funeral home in Ottawa can host the service, but many people also choose to have funeral services at other locations. We can help coordinate services at the gravesite, at a church, in a private facility, a local park or even your own home. Please tell us how we can help you.

Who have you chosen to officiate the funeral and to speak at the service?

The memorial service is yours to plan. You can have anyone you want to officiate, from a religious leader, friend or family member, a member of the community, or military leader. You can ask us to find an officiant. We are here to support your choices. If you have friends or family members who would like to give a reading to be included, we have suggestions for speakers to help them do well and to keep the service on track.

Our funeral home in Ottawa wants to make the memorial service meaningful for your family. We are here to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about funeral services, funeral pre-planning, cremations, burials, celebration of life services, and direct cremation.

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