What Do I Need to Decide on When Planning a Funeral Service in Ottawa?

funeral service in Ottawa
By Published On: October 19, 2021Categories: Blog, Funeral Planning

Funeral services can be personalized to fit the wishes of the deceased or needs of the family. It can help to think about these questions that the funeral director might ask you to work out the details of the service. There’s no right or wrong when planning a funeral. Honour your loved one’s memory the best way you can.

What Kind of Religious Service?

If religion was important to the deceased, it can be included in the funeral service. Your funeral home in Ottawa can include the religious structure in the service, or you can choose which elements you want to use. If religion will not be part of the ceremony, we have ideas for funeral services to make the service meaningful to your family while respecting the lifestyle of your loved one.

Where to Hold the Funeral Service?

A funeral service is not limited to a church, temple, or funeral home in Ottawa. You can hold a funeral service in a park, backyard, or cemetery. Choose a place that is meaningful to your loved one or simply convenient to the family. Keep in the mind the number of attendees, accessibility, availability, and cost.

Who Will Be the Officiant and Speakers?

Regardless of the type of funeral service, you can choose who officiates the funeral. Clergy are generally willing to officiate at any venue of your choosing. If you do not have an officiant, the funeral home can help you find someone appropriate, but you may also choose a family member or friend who feels comfortable. You can also let others become involved in the funeral by speaking about the deceased or reading poems or scripture.
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