Affordable Direct Cremation Service in Ottawa

When money is an issue or the typical funeral arrangements are not suitable for your family’s wishes, direct cremation services in Ottawa offer an affordable option. Unless added as additional paid services, formalities such as visitation and memorial services are not arranged and instead, cremation occurs shortly after the death.

Your funeral director at First Memorial Funeral Services will meet with you to complete the necessary paperwork and authorizations to register the death, secure the death certificate and cremation permit. From there, your funeral director will arrange the transfer from the place of death to the funeral home and direct cremation or cemetery as required.

Traditional Funeral Service Options for Cremation

When you choose to have your loved one cremated, holding a traditional funeral service is one of the options offered by First Memorial Funeral Services in Ottawa. This memorial service begins with a private visitation or viewing with the family a day or two before the scheduled funeral date or the day of the funeral.

This private time is a way for families to say goodbye to their loved ones for the final time and ease the grieving process.

There are a number of locations to hold your traditional funeral, including:

  • Services at the funeral home
  • Your local church
  • A location of your choice

Keep in mind that the number of attendees may affect the location where you choose to hold your funeral services.

After the service, the casket will then be taken to the crematorium. A reception is often held afterwards and can be hosted at our funeral home or at another location of your choosing.

Traditional Funeral Service Options For Cremation

Service of Remembrance/Memorial Ceremony

If the deceased or family has decided to forgo a traditional funeral service, you can still hold a memorial or remembrance ceremony to celebrate their memory. This is often done with the urn or casket on display.

Many families find that sharing their favorite photos and pictures of loved ones or other memorabilia that represents their life is a positive way to grieve for them. Additionally, memorial services often have an open mic, where friends and family can tell memorable anecdotes about the deceased.

Interment of the urn often takes place at a later date; however, your family can also hold the memorial and Ottawa cremation services on the same day if desired.

Personalized Celebration of Life

Each of us is unique and has a special story to tell. A celebration of life is a personal and meaningful event to pay tribute to a life lived. The team at First Memorial will help you create a memorable ceremony to bring comfort to you and those you love.

As you consider the kind of celebration that best fits your loved one—or yourself, if you are planning ahead—remember that you are limited only by your imagination. Whether considering a simple tribute or a more elaborate event, we encourage you to find inspiration in the little things that made you or your loved one special.

Whether you choose burial or cremation for yourself or a family member, we can provide special touches that help celebrate each life like no other. Everyone has a passion, a joy or a family tradition. Think about how to highlight that passion in a meaningful way. Talk with our team of professionals about ideas to create a fitting celebration for your loved one or about planning ahead for your own remembrance event.

Funeral Services


With cremation, selecting a place to house the remains of the deceased is an important consideration. If your loved one or family didn’t invested in funeral pre-planning services, then selecting an urn or container is a necessary part of the process. First Memorial Funeral Services has a wide variety of urns at our disposal, everything from beautifully-decorated ceramic ones to hand-carved wooden containers, as well as eco-friendly options.

Full-sized urns are the most common compartments to house a loved one’s ashes. They can come in the shape of a vase, or something as simple as a rectangular box or compartment.

Here are some of the most popular full-sized cremation urn materials:

Stone: Families can choose between different types of stone patterns and natural textured stone.

Wood: Wooden chests made of birch, cherry or Alderwood are an elegant option to house your loved one’s ashes.

Metal: Copper urns and other metal materials are quite popular. Many metal urns can be easily decorated with custom designs and personalized engravings.

Glass: Slightly more complicated, a glass-blown bowl or urn can boast beautiful, one-of-a-kind patterns and designs many find desirable.

Ceramic: Whether you favor earth tones, or a custom-made floral urn, ceramic has been one of the most sought-after materials for housing ashes for centuries.

Eco-Friendly: There is a variety of scattering urns and ones made from natural materials that the eco-conscious will appreciate. These are constructed from various materials, including fiberboard, rock salt, sand or recycled paper.

Cremation Keepsakes & Jewelry

In addition to investing in a full-sized urn, you may also choose to remember your loved one by housing a portion of their remains in a smaller, keepsake urn or compartment. Having a keepsake urn around the home can allow you and your family to honor your loved one and ease the grieving process.

Like traditional urns, there are many styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from, such as metal and stone compartments, wood and even commemorative lamps.

Wearable remembrances are also available. Cremation jewelry allows you to carry the memory of your loved one wherever you may be. Small containers or necklaces can house a small portion of ashes, making the perfect way to keep the deceased close at all times.

Funeral Services

Cremation & Interment Options

Whether you choose to invest in direct cremation services in Ottawa or hold a traditional funeral or memorial beforehand, there are quite a few interment options you can choose for your loved one.

First Memorial Funeral Services has collected some of the most common interment sites below:

Cemetery: A cemetery memorial can provide your family with a range of options when it comes to choosing a final resting place for the remains of the deceased. Local cemeteries offer above or below ground memorial options and plots that enable friends and family members to visit whenever they feel the need.

Mausoleum: For those who want a more affordable option than a plot, a space in a private or public mausoleum can provide your loved one with a dedicated resting space and minimal maintenance costs. Mausoleums often include indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as walk-in areas. Often, memorial etchings and sculptures reflect those honored.

Cremation Gardens: Many cemeteries and memorial homes also have a space for landscaped cremation gardens. Cremation gardens often feature flowers and hardscape designs and include pedestals, markers or benches memorializing the deceased.

Memorials for Cremation Scatterings

For those who’ve decided to scatter their loved one’s ashes, First Memorial Funeral Services can outfit your location with a memorial plaque, birdbath or sundial to help ensure that your loved one’s memory lives on in nature.

Additional Options for Direct Cremation Services

You may wish to include some of the following services with your direct cremation:

  • The drafting and insertion of an obituary notice in newspapers
  • Purchasing Estate Fraud Protection Coverage
  • The purchase of an urn or cemetery property.

Direct cremation offers affordable options that allow you to lay your loved one to rest with the dignity they deserve. To expedite the process, First Memorial Funeral Services also provides online arrangements, so visit our website to begin the process.

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19:20 23 Jun 23
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amazing thank youyou took care of both my parents Thank you Melody!
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First Memorial, more specifically Maureen and then Melody, helped make one of the most painful experiences of life, losing a parent, a little bit less painful by providing amazing service throughout, from Moms passing to the collection of her remains.They are kind, caring, professional and completely reasonably priced. They helped me through every step of the process and I would highly recommend their services.
Jerrica GallingerJerrica Gallinger
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Hands down, The best funeral home! The staff are extremely kind and sympathetic. I unfortunately had to use their services twice now, however they made it such an remarkable experience considering the circumstances. The staff showed so much compassion and made sure my loved ones were well taken care of. Thank you so much, First Memorial for all of your help and kindness during such difficult times.I have already recommended them to a family friend and I will continue recommend to everyone else.
Tamica EhmTamica Ehm
21:53 15 Mar 23
The morning my dad died, we phoned First Memorial Funeral Services. They were originally recommended to us by my aunt, who phoned them after my uncle passed away in 2019. The person I spoke with on the phone that morning was so attentive and I was met with such compassionate words. When the two gentlemen came to pick up my fathers body, they ensured to give us as much time as we needed before we said our final goodbyes (my dad, who was palliative, had requested to be cremated).When it was time to make arrangements, we were greeted with hugs from Maureen and Melody from the time we walked through the door. Both women were sympathetic and kind throughout everything. They were finished work at 5pm but still chose to stay back to finish up the last discussions on arrangements. Another person I would like to mention is José. He came to our home on his day off to help us fill out documents that needed to be completed after someone has passed. You guys have no idea how happy my mother and I were to have this service offered to us. As well as, having him make time and come to us even though he had a busy schedule.All in all, everyone we came across from this facility was so wonderful to deal with. Even one of the location managers, Barry, reached out via email. In the future, I will have no problem recommending their service to anyone who is in need of arrangements 🙂
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19:07 21 Sep 22
Thanks to Patrice for exceptional service. I was at my wits end he stepped up and took over everything for me. He was quick to respond to my questions and the service was very affordable. Hands down number 1 and I would definitely use again if the need arises. Gail from Englehart Ont
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22:30 27 Aug 22
My finance recently passed away and I contacted First Memorial to handle his cremation services. I had the pleasure of dealing with Maureen and Patrice. They are so incredibly kind, considerate, patient and helpful. They treated my fiance with the upmost respect and dignity. I will be forever thankful for their kindness and respect during the hardest time of my life.
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19:44 05 Jul 22
When my father passed away, we were out of town. I contacted First Memorial and spoke with Patrice Lambert who was excellent. He immediately put my mind at ease and explained the process and options for my Dad’s arrangements. Patrice said not to worry and that everything would be taken care of. From start to finish, my experience with First Memorial was fantastic. They are a caring, professional and efficient business and I would highly recommend their services.
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We had to arrange very quickly at the last minute for the cremation of my father as a result of rapid declining health at St-Vincent Hospital in Ottawa. We contacted First Memorial and all arrangements were done over the phone. The funeral director we dealt with was very professional, compassionate, and understanding. The cremation itself and the return of the ashes was very prompt along with all paperwork that included the death certificates and all other necessary documentation.
Ron MountainRon Mountain
21:13 25 May 21
All aspects of the experience were beyon my expectations i am totally satisfied by the professional and courteous care that was offered to me
My OpinionMy Opinion
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Mom & Dad passed away and there service were great kind and extremely friendly
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16:42 02 Feb 21
We have received an honest and polite reception. All of their services offer were with no pressure at all. All our wills were respected as well with our budget.We were looking to have a very simple service/accomodation as per the will of our dad. Even if we were not to spend thousands $, the staff was supportive and never felt pressure of whatsoever.I would highly recommand them for the excellence of assistance of the staff.