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Affordable Direct Cremation Service in Ottawa

When money is an issue or the typical funeral arrangements are not suitable for your family’s wishes, direct cremation services offer an affordable option. Unless added as additional paid services, formalities such as visitation and memorial services are not arranged and instead, cremation occurs shortly after the death.

Your funeral director of First Memorial Ottawa will meet with you to complete the necessary paperwork and authorizations to register the death, secure the death certificate and cremation permit. From there, your funeral director will arrange the transfer from the place of death to the funeral home and direct cremation or cemetery as required.


Additional Options for Direct Cremation Services

 You may wish to include some of the following services with your direct cremation:

  • The drafting and insertion of an obituary notice in newspapers
  • Purchasing Estate Fraud Protection Coverage
  • The purchase of an urn or cemetery property.


Direct cremation offers affordable options that allow you to lay your loved one to rest with the dignity they deserve.

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