Why Pre-Plan Your Funeral?

WhyPre PlanyourFuneral
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Do it Your Way and Ease the Burden on Your Family

Thinking about your own death is not something anyone wants to do, but then, why pre-plan your funeral? Because it is the smart thing to do! Not only do you get to state your preferences and control your finances, but you will save your family members from having to make tough decisions related to your last rites. Take away the guesswork and allow yourself and your loved ones to be financially secure and stress-free by pre-planning your funeral.

It Makes Sense to Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Taking control of the ultimate celebration of your life gives you the option to make things happen exactly the way you want. Besides deciding on a burial or a cremation, here are just some of the choices you will make while pre-planning your funeral:

  • Treatment of the ashes, or choice of burial spot, casket and headstone
  • Ceremonial decisions, such as a traditional visitation, viewing and wake, or a celebration-of-life event
  • Favoured flowers, music, food arrangements or charity drives that you prefer when your loved ones honor your memory.

There are so many more decisions to make regarding end-of-life arrangements. If you have not explicitly communicatedor organized for these aspects, your loved ones may have to deal with:

  • Tough emotional choices about what you would have preferred
  • Unnecessary conflicts or confusion about the rites and ceremonies
  • Financial burden of organizing your funeral in the absence of pre-arranged finances

Just like making a will saves your family heaps of paperwork and regulatory hassles, pre-planning your funeral allows loved ones to focus on grieving and healing instead of running around to organize the funeral.Pre-paying for the services, or pre-arranging the payout will further reduce any stress related to funeral finances.
Pre-plan Your Funeral Service
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