Want to Know How to Personalize Your Funeral?

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Here’s How Loved Ones can Celebrate Your Life Your Way

Pre-planning your funeral is a great way to remain in control of the ultimate celebration of your life. In fact, why not go a step further to ensure that your end-of-life arrangements reflect your personality and preferences? Learn how to personalize your funeral while pre-planning for it.

Suggestions for Personalizing Your Funeral Pre-Planning Arrangements

Personalizing your end-of-life arrangements is an opportunity to get your loved ones to celebrate your life your way. Once you have made the all-important decision about burial or cremation, look at some of these aspects:

  • Whether it is viewing, visitation, a wake, a memorial service or celebration-of-life event, select the activities and events that you want your family and friends to participate in.
  • Think about how you wish to incorporate your likes and preferences in the chosen ceremonies.
    • Would you want friends and family to follow a specific colour theme in all the arrangements?
    • Is there a favourite song, poem, musical instrument or personal belonging that defines you and should be part of the rites or events?
    • Wish to add any specific photos or flower arrangements to the ceremonies?
    • Prefer a particular venue where friends and family should gather for these events?
  • Specify the way you want your friends and family members to remember you.
    • Is there any specific charitable organization that loved ones could contribute to in your memory?
    • What kind of details would you like mentioned in your obituary?

personalized funeral pre-planning
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