Eager to Know How to Pre-Plan Your Funeral?

How to Preplan You Funeral
By Published On: May 29, 2020Categories: Blog, Pre-Planning

Useful Tips for Making Your End-of-Life Arrangements

Planning your end-of-life arrangements involves a number of key decisions. From ceremonial details to payment provisions, learn how to address all the critical aspects of pre-planning your funeral. Systematic preparation will relieve your loved ones from the tough emotional or financial choices related to your last rites.

Simple Steps for Funeral Pre-planning

  1. Search for a trusted funeral home that offers comprehensive and personalized pre-planning services.
  2. Work with a funeral pre-planning specialist to decide on:
  • Funeral type: Burial (including burial spot, casket, headstone), cremation (including treatment of ashes) or donation
  • Rites and ceremonies: Detailed arrangements for visitation, wake, graveside service, remembrance ceremony, celebration-of-life event, and such.
  1. Try to pre-organize your finances. You can either have money held ‘in trust’, or buy insurance for the sum involved. Since pre-arranged funds earn interest over the years, that will offset the future rise in funeral costs.
  2. Once you have chosen your funeral home and arrangements, make sure that everything is documented through a formal contract. In fact, pre-payment contracts are a great option to secure your finances and protect your loved ones from financial stress during their time of grief.
  3. Before signing your funeral pre-planning contract, ensure that there are provisions for future relocation or death away from home. This will save your family from all the logistical and regulatory hassleswhen you pass.
  4. Most importantly, inform a family member or a trusted confidante about all the funeral-preplanning arrangements you have made.

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