Who Should I Call First When Someone Dies?

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Being present when a beloved friend or family member passes or finding them after there’s been an accident is never easy but having some information handy can help. Knowing what to do and who to call first when a loved one dies will make it much easier to begin the grieving process and celebrate their legacy.
If you’re wondering who to call first when your loved one dies, here are some funeral planning tips from the professionals at First Memorial Funeral Services.

Law Enforcement Officials

One of the first things you need to do when a friend or family member has died is to contact the proper authorities, such as your local law enforcement officials. This is especially true when friends and family members weren’t present when someone passes, or the deceased has been found alone in their home or elsewhere. Law enforcement officials are trained to assist in these types of situations and can often provide advice as to who to call next.

Attending Physician, Coroner or Medical Examiner

In some cases, the location of the deceased and the circumstances surrounding their death will dictate whether you should call a physician, coroner or medical examiner. Often, law enforcement officials who have arrived on the scene first will be able to contact the coroner or medical examiner. This is so officials can pronounce the time of death. For those who were in the hospital or assisted living facility, staff often handles these things.

Family Members & Legal Representatives

The next of kin of the deceased and/or the executor/executrix of the estate should be contacted as well, to take care of any end-of-life arrangements that they have. They may already have an existing funeral plan in place with a local funeral home to make things easier on friends and family members.

A Funeral Planning Director

To begin the funeral planning process, speaking with a funeral director is the next step. Calling your local funeral home will give you all the information you need to know about how to plan a funeral. When calling, be sure to include the deceased’s full name and address, their social insurance number, your relationship to the deceased and a number where you can be reached.

Transportation of the Deceased

When someone dies, they’ll need to be transported to your local funeral home or other location to perform cremation or interment services. Local transportation can often be easily arranged by law enforcement or funeral home staff. In cases where the deceased’s body is located somewhere other than where funeral services are taking place, air transport, shipping and ground transportation are also options.

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