Advantages of Ottawa Cremation Services

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Losing a loved one can be a difficult time, so anything that makes the grieving process easier on friends or family is often welcome news. Many find that Ottawa cremation services can be both affordable and efficient, while still offering friends and family ample opportunity to say goodbye.
First Memorial Funeral Services has helped hundreds of families make the right end-of-life decisions for their loved ones. They’ve shared their insight below about why some families choose Ottawa cremation services over other options.
Saving Space
When you cremate your loved one, you’ll be saving valuable space because they won’t need to be housed in a traditional cemetery plot. You still may choose to inter your loved one’s ashes in a columbarium or mausoleum, but either way, you’ll be saving vital space for future generations.
Financial Benefits
Paying for a burial plot and casket can be quite an investment, so many opt for cremation during the pre-planning stage to lessen their family’s financial burden after they’re gone. Occasionally, some choose to forgo a traditional funeral in favor of their own memorial ceremony; either way, direct cremation is often a fraction of the cost of other end-of-life solutions.
Personal Memorial Service
Some families, or the deceased in the funeral pre-planning stage, may have made the decision to have their remains interred in a location other than the funeral home or cemetery. In some cases, they may have even requested their ashes be scattered by the sea or along a trail through the woods behind their home. Cremation can be a good solution for those who want to send off their loved ones in a special way.
Another reason many choose to have their loved ones cremated is that it can be easier for some families. Perhaps you want to have an off-site memorial or need to postpone funeral services for a time, direct cremation enables you to hold the ceremony when it’s convenient and without being tied to a specific location.

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