Questions to Ask When Pre-Planning A Funeral

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Facing the reality of death is never easy. Choosing to pre-plan your funeral to save your family emotional trauma during an incredibly difficult time is a sound decision you could make.
Finding a funeral home that you feel comfortable with takes a little time and effort, but it pays off. You can then feel confident that your family can grieve without the additional pressure of making decisions.
Here are a few questions you should ask a pre-planning specialist:

What service options do you have available for pre-planning?

When you find out what is available, you can then focus on the one that makes the most sense for your situation.
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Can I prepay?

There are often a variety of ways that you can pay for your service, including putting it aside in a bank account, paying all at once, or making payments. Also, it is not always necessary to prepay in order to pre-plan your final arrangements. Service Providers tend to keep a record of your plants without any cost. If you decide that you want to pre-plan your final arrangements and prepay, you will then need to sign a contract.
Here are two ways you can prepay:
The first method is to use money being held by a bank, trust company or independent trustee, that is “in trust” to pay your Provider. The money being held will essentially build up every year until it is needed. If any cost increases arise for your arrangements, this money will be used to balance out those charges. The second method is to purchase insurance from an insurance company. However, double check with your Provider before hand as they may already have an insurance program for you to use. (SOURCE: Bereavement Authority of Ontario)
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Does prepaying guarantee that the costs will not increase?

The last thing your family needs to face is an unexpected bill because funeral expenses went up. Luckily, Ontario law protects your prepaid money in several ways.
When you decide to prepay, Your Provider is required to present you with a contract stating the full amount you have paid up to date as well as the terms of payment for any balances that you may still owe. If you prepay for funeral supplies and services, or a transfer service of any kind through a funeral establishment, a compensation fund will protect your money.
In rare cases, this money can be given back to consumers if their prepaid money isn’t available to them when needed. However, compensation fund will only cover the losses if you have prepaid with a transfer service or a licensed funeral establishment. (SOURCE: Bereavement Authority of Ontario)

Can I transfer my pre-arrangements to another funeral home?

This is extremely important, especially if you anticipate moving. There may be some additional costs incurred, but at least you know you can take it with you.
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Can I make changes to my pre-planning choices?

This question is especially crucial if you have not consulted other family members. Please be aware that there may be a limitation as to when you can cancel after making the arrangements.
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Choosing a funeral home you can trust starts with asking questions and building a relationship. Deciding to pre-plan your funeral is an essential step for you and your family and knowing how to plan a funeral will definitely come in handy. Ensure you and your loved ones are prepared when you conduct some research and enlist the services of the best company for your needs.
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Have questions about pre-planning your funeral service? Contact First Memorial Fairview to learn more about our cremation and funeral services, including choosing your celebration with pre-planning assistance.

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