Ottawa Funeral Home – Prearranging Your Funeral Services: Part IV

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Taking Care of Things Well in Advance

In Part I of this series, we discussed why understanding your service options is important, along with why it makes sense to write down all your personal wishes to make things easier for your family. Part II focused on the planning process and decisions about what kind of burial works best, depending on your needs. The third part of this series took a closer look at financial aspects of the process and their impact.
Now, in the fourth part of our series, we continue to look at financial implications, from how insurance policies need to be carefully thought about, to how personal planning can ease the burden on your family members.
Here at First Memorial Funeral Services, we have offered affordable burial and cremation services in Ottawa for years, and are aware of how financial elements of burial services can cause difficulties. We try our best to help you make the right choices to minimize the impact on your loved ones. Speak to our team members today, for advice and suggestions on what can work best for you.

How Financial Implications can affect Loved Ones

A lot of people do everything they can to protect their family’s future. They invest wisely, open savings accounts and acquire insurance on their life and home. What they don’t do, unfortunately, is take care of their own funeral arrangements. This difficult task is then left to their family, which is why we encourage giving serious thought to your wishes and prearranging your services in advance.

Important things to Consider When Prearranging Your Funeral

  1. Why Insurance may Not be Enough

Life insurance and final expense insurance provides a one-time, lump-sum benefit after death. What it does not guarantee is that these funds will not be consumed by expenses related to a long illness or accident. You may have your insurance, but funeral or cremation services may still require planning and immediate payments. Another thing people forget is inflation, and how policy coverage does not take rising prices into account. This is why prearrangements can make things a lot easier.

  1. Complete the Personal Planning Guide

This guide, once completed, is a confidential record of your personal information and wishes that can be of enormous value to you and your family. It should provide you with a simple method of making information available to those who will need it in the event of your death or illness. These decisions can be numerous and overwhelming, which is why the sooner you complete your guide, the better. Call today for your complimentary Personal Planning Guide.

Let Our Ottawa Funeral Home Help

Come back for Part V of this blog series, provided by First Memorial Funeral Services, your leading choice for Ottawa cremation services and funeral planning. Contact us today for more information.

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