Ottawa Funeral Home – Prearranging Your Funeral Services: Part I

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Making the Caring Decision to be Prepared

Thinking about your own passing can be challenging, and nearly everyone can agree that it is an unpleasant thing to consider. Many people feel sadness for the family and friends they will leave behind, and possibly even concern for how loved ones will deal with the loss. At First Memorial Funeral Services, one of the well-respected Ottawa funeral homes, we understand how difficult it can be to think about planning for your own funeral.
We have made it our mission to provide support by answering a few of the most common questions that are out there about funerals and other options. In addition, we encourage everyone to consider prearranging their funeral or memorial services, because it is a decision you can make now that will provide immense relief to your family in the future.

Providing a Sense of Solace to Your Family in their Difficult Time

Dealing with the loss of a loved one comes with an overwhelming amount of grief, sadness that is all too often accompanied by the stress of attending to the details of the funeral. You have the power to take this burden off the shoulders of your loved ones by taking the time to prearrange any funeral or memorial services in advance.

Important things to Consider When Prearranging Your Funeral

  1. Consider the Wide Variety of Available Options

Your family and friends will find comfort in a funeral or cremation service that is personalized to you, so you should feel free to create something that reflects you. Photographs, music, readings, and videos are all creative ways to add a personal touch. Choosing to prearrange means you will have time to thoughtfully examine your options.

  1. Put Your Personal Wishes Down in Writing

Establishing a will may provide your family with instructions regarding your financial affairs, but it generally fails to give information about your funeral or cremation service. By prearranging your service, you take the guesswork out of the process, taking an immense amount of pressure off of your family. Record your wishes in writing, and make sure a copy is stored somewhere safe and easily accessible when needed.

Let Our Ottawa Funeral Home Help

Check back soon for Part 2 of the series, provided by First Memorial Funeral Services, your leading choice among Ottawa funeral homes. Contact us today for more information.

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