Funeral Planning Services in Ottawa – Planning a Celebration of Life

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Planning a funeral service in Ottawa, whether for yourself or for a loved one, is an incredibly important part of someone’s final wishes. Not only is it an opportunity to memorialize the incredible life lived, but it also offers family and friends a way to gain a peaceful sense of closure.
There are several options available that allow you to create a touching, meaningful memorial that is a unique celebration of life. This is true regardless of whether cremation or burial has been chosen, with the funeral or memorial service giving family and friends of the deceased an opportunity to:

  • Celebrate the beauty of a life lived
  • Honor fond memories and say goodbye
  • Gather together to give tribute to a loved one

First Memorial Funeral Services, a leading provider of funeral planning services in Ottawa, often receives questions regarding what exactly a funeral or memorial service entails. Generally, a service will include one or more of the following elements:
Funeral Service
A funeral service is held prior to the burial and can be either a formal or informal event. Often, faith and culture will provide some components of the service, but it is also possible to personalize other parts, including flowers, music, special mementos, and food served.
Also referred to as a wake or viewing, the visitation is most commonly held the day before the funeral service. During this time, friends and other acquaintances will visit your family, offering condolences and paying their respects.
Memorial Service
The memorial service, also sometimes referred to as a tribute service, is a time for family and friends to gather to celebrate the life of the deceased. Photographs, video, special memories, and stories may be shared.
Graveside Service
This service is most often held in the cemetery before the burial and includes any final memories or prayers that loved ones would like to share. Sometimes, this service occurs as an alternative to a funeral service.

First Memorial Funeral Services Is Here

The most important thing to remember when planning a celebration of life is that it should be personal, filled with special moments and tributes to the deceased. At First Memorial Funeral Services, your local choice for funeral planning services in Ottawa, we can help you make it a special occasion that will truly match the beauty of the life of your loved one. Contact us for further information about our services.

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