Can Your Legal Representative Make Changes to Your Funeral Plans After Your Death?

Can Your Legal Representative Make Changes to Your Funeral Plans After Your Death?
By Published On: June 14, 2022Categories: Blog, Pre-Planning

If you’ve gone through funeral pre-planning in Ottawa, you may be worried that your legal representative will make changes to your plan. A legal representative is an important person in your funeral plans. We encourage you to choose someone who will respect your wishes, but keep in mind that you need someone who can deal with any problems in your plan and amend it suitably after your death.  

Why Would Your Legal Representative Need to Make Changes?  

If you have pre-planned and prepaid for your funeral, you may be wondering why any changes would need to be made. But as we’ve seen over the past few years, things are always changing. The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, threw everyone’s life plans into a spin. Individuals and families were required to adapt, modify, and even completely change plans with regard to many aspects of life, including funeral arrangements.  If there are any issues with your pre-arranged funeral plan, your legal representative may need to step in to adjust your plan a little. You may have forgotten to include something in your plan. Your family may have ideas about your funeral that need to be dealt with. Your legal representative has the authority to make decisions and coordinate with the funeral home in Ottawa.  

Funeral Pre-planning in Ottawa Helps Your Loved Ones  

Choosing a legal representative to represent your wishes is a big decision. We recommend talking with your legal representative about your decisions, so they understand why each one is important to you. If issues do arise, your representative can honor you to the best of their ability. Contact our team to get started with funeral planning in Ottawa 

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