Why Are Younger People Pre-Planning Their Own Funerals

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By Published On: May 23, 2022Categories: Blog, Pre-Planning

The Funeral Service Association of Canada estimates that only about one-third of Canadians pre-plan their funeral. Death is a certainty, but it’s not surprising that this figure is so low. Baby Boomers and Gen Xers traditionally haven’t liked to talk to about death. Millennials are far more open to funeral pre-planning.
Having grown up with technology, millennial consumers tend to shop around before making a major purchase. They realize that advance planning is an investment and that it relieves the family from hard decisions at a stressful time. If you aren’t sure where to begin pre-planning your funeral, funeral homes in Ottawa can help you take the first steps.  
(Statistic source: https://www.funeraladvisor.ca/how-many-people-actually-plan-ahead) 

Funeral Planning Isn’t a Taboo to Younger People     

The internet is fueling the cultural shift of funeral pre-planning in Ottawa because consumers have more information available. Millennials want Ottawa funeral homes to be transparent about their services and costs. But there’s more to younger people pre-planning their funerals.
Millennials tend to be close to their parents and more open about difficult topics. Although many younger people have shied away from the traditions around death, they are still connected to their family and want to honour their loved ones.
Watching their parents deal with the deaths of older relatives has made younger people want to break down the barriers around funerals. Pre-planning is a gift that makes death a little less stressful.  
Ready to get answers to your questions about funeral pre-planning in Ottawa? Contact First Memorial Funeral Services to take the first steps.  

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