HUGHES, Thomas James

Mar 31, 2015

Thomas, daddy, butch, Jim, James, Papa; whatever you called him there was love and respect behind it. He was a soft soul hidden behind a tough exterior. He had a good heart and for those he loved he would move the moon and stars just to make you smile. He never demanded anything but something about him commanded respect. He was an honest and hard worker who lived for his family. He leaves behind a wife; a gorgeous human being inside and out that he loved more than there are words in any vocabulary.  Three children; those time and space may separate they all stayed close in the heart.  He also leaves behind seven grandchildren; some he’s never met and some he knows all too well, but regardless of knowing them or not he loved them with a great passion. He also leaves behind four siblings who he would share great stories about until the early morning hours. There is extended family, friends, co-workers and the like that he would have loved to have had a few drinks with and catching up on old times. No matter near, far, distance of time he always would light up and jump right into the conversation like you had never been apart. Now he is joined with his mother and father, daughter and grandson; people he’s longed to visit. He’s smiling, causing a tiny bit of trouble and passing time until we can all meet like old times.

Always on our minds, forever in our hearts.


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