Caleb Noam Soares Bailey

May 10, 2007 - Nov 20, 2022

Our beloved Caleb passed away on November 20th, 2022 at the young age of fifteen. We remember the joy of Caleb’s life and the beautiful things he brought to the lives of his family and friends. We remember and cherish our time with him and how he touched and moved the world around him in both subtle and amazing ways.


Caleb was playful, tenacious, and intelligent. He loved playing video games with his friends; his laughter and excitement during his games spilling into the house and warming our hearts. As a teenager, he became unbeatable in family Mario Kart, and our guru for getting through the hardest levels of any game. Caleb was also a lifelong Minecraft enthusiast. As time went on, the worlds he created became more and more intricate and just teemed with life and love. What fortune that he shared these with his family and friends! And we certainly remember Caleb’s summers in the backyard pool, splashing with his siblings and making up silly games. With his father, Caleb swam in indoor pools, outdoor pools, fountains, baths–just about any body of water imaginable. On top of it all, he took his love of swimming and applied years of hard work to complete formal lifeguard training.


Caleb was affectionate, sensitive, and complex. He was a great listener, giver of hugs, and never grew out of receiving a good back-scratching. He loved and respected animals and had a special bond with his dog, Maddy. He was a vegetarian from a young age, loved meals prepared by his older sister, and would often help with the preparation of family dinners. Over the years, he developed a sophisticated palate, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy a Mr Noodles every now and then.


Caleb also had a love for musicals that stemmed from his favourite childhood show, The Backyardigans, which continued to his eventual obsession with the musical Hamilton. In high school, he enrolled in the theatre program where he was able to share his immense playfulness and meet wonderful new friends. Caleb was quirky and unusual in fantastic ways–dressing plainly but with the personal flair of colourful socks or painted nails. He loved original shows like Adventure Time and would make his friends laugh with his random, off-beat sense of humour.


Caleb’s future was so bright. He did well in school and talked of volunteering with Kids Help Phone, pursuing psychology, and becoming a therapist. Like his lifeguard certification, he genuinely wanted to help other people. He had integrity, character, values, morals, and a great sense of responsibility. This amazing boy’s future now lives on through those of us who knew him, in all of the ways he nudged, embraced, and shaped us with his beautiful life.


Caleb, it was the greatest honour to spend these fifteen incredible years with you. We love you so much, you will always be with us.



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