Obituaries in Ottawa – Why They Are So Important

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An obituary serves many different purposes after the passing of a loved one. It provides you with an opportunity to pen a “farewell” to the person and is a way to tell the story of the deceased’s life. An obituary also serves as an informational piece, communicating details of the memorial services that will be taking place.
Today, in our technology-driven world, social media is also something to consider. More obituaries in Ottawa are being shared online, either via social media or a specific webpage dedicated to the person who passed away. You may want to consider this route, especially if you are aware of many friends and family who live out of the area.

What should I include in an obituary?

The most important details to include are the full name of the deceased, and the exact date and location of the passing. You may also choose to mention the residence of the person, but be sure to omit the exact street address for security reasons. Include a summary of significant life events of the deceased, which may include marriages and children, schools attended, career milestones, or special interests and hobbies.
Obituaries also generally include information about any loved ones who survived the deceased, typically including (as applicable) parents, children, spouse, siblings, and grandparents. You may include specific names of survivors, or just the relationship to the person who passed.
You should also include details about the services to honor the deceased, including date, time, and location. Traditionally, pallbearer names are also included.

A Few Do’s and Don’ts

Do make sure you know the amount of space you are limited to when writing the obituary.
Do prepare the obituary well in advance, so that it can be published before any services.
Don’t use the phrase “in lieu of flowers;” instead, simply state to where alternative donations can be made.
Don’t be too hasty in posting an announcement on social media; take your time to consider how and what you would like to communicate.

Obituaries in Ottawa

Writing an obituary for a loved one can be a challenging experience, so you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for help as needed. Our team at First Memorial Funeral Services has supported countless families through the processes of writing obituaries in Ottawa, planning memorial services, and, ultimately, celebrating the life of their deceased loved one. Contact us today!

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