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First Memorial Funeral Services is dedicated to helping Ottawa residents say farewell to their loved ones at affordable prices – and that includes helping create the perfect funeral services for that farewell.  There are many kinds of services which can be arranged by a funeral home in Ottawa, and sometimes it can be difficult deciding which is best.
That is exactly what we want to help you with; to honor your loved one in the best way possible.

Understanding the Different Types of Funeral Services

Fundamentally, a funeral serves several purposes.  It can:

  • Help loved ones say goodbye, and gain closure.
  • Provide an opportunity for grieving, and for comfort.
  • Pay tribute to the life of the departed in a way they would have enjoyed.
  • Say final goodbyes.

Depending on the situation, a funeral home in Ottawa could establish several different kinds of services.
Also known as a wake or viewing, a visitation is held prior to the main funeral services and is generally a smaller affair for close friends and family.  It is a chance for those closest to the bereaved to offer their support and condolences.  There may be an open or closed casket, depending on the circumstances.

Tribute Service

A tribute, sometimes called a memorial, is like a visitation except that the deceased’s remains are usually not present.  Close friends and family pay tribute to their lost loved one by sharing stories and comfort.

 Funeral Service

The main funeral service is at the heart of these proceedings.  The format is generally dictated by the religion or other beliefs of the departed and their loved ones but is often personalized to specifically honor the departed.  The remains are usually present, and if in a casket, you can choose whether it’s open or closed.  This is also usually the most public and open form of farewell service.

Graveside Service

A graveside service can either be the main funeral service or else come immediately afterward.  The service usually includes the burial of the remains, as well as eulogies, memories, and other final remarks.

First Memorial Funeral Services Is Here for You

For more than two decades, we have sought to be the funeral home in Ottawa, which is available to everyone at reasonable prices and accommodations for all faiths and beliefs.  Whatever assistance you need please contact us directly.

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