When Do I Need to Meet with a Funeral Director to Arrange Funeral Services & Interment Details?

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Coping with the loss of a beloved friend or family member can be much easier with professional advice at your disposal, so speaking with a reliable funeral planning professional as soon as you can is recommended. Meeting with the right funeral director can help lessen you and your family’s burden and answer any lingering questions you have about memorial services and interment.
First Memorial Funeral Services has been helping families for years by providing understanding and compassionate funeral and cremation services. Here they’ve collected some information for you about your first meeting with a funeral director.

What Funeral Directors & Funeral Homes Do?

Before getting into the details of your first meeting with a funeral planner, it can be helpful to know a bit more about what exactly funeral homes and directors do. Many provide a range of end-of-life services that include assisting families with the transportation of the deceased, in addition to the preparation of the body. A funeral director will often also be tasked with handling administrative tasks, such as publishing obituaries and death notices.
In addition to the duties above, funeral directors also provide funeral products, like caskets, urns, and other items used for interment. You’ll can even obtain memorial items for the funeral of your loved one directly from them, like guest books for the service, prayer cards, and more.

Your Funeral Arrangement Conference

After being notified of the death of a loved one, if you’re responsible for handling end-of-life arrangements, meeting with your funeral director as soon as possible is important. During this first conference, you’ll transfer all the important information necessary for funeral planning professionals to begin taking care of the arrangements. You’ll be asked for information like the social Insurance number and full name of the deceased, their military status, birth and death date, and more.

Funeral Planning & Interment Details

During your initial conference, you’ll also discuss the services you’d like for the diseased, including burial options. Did the deceased request a traditional burial or cremation service? Are they organ donors? These are the types of things your funeral planning director will ask. For those deceased who will be interred in a cemetery, your funeral director will need to know whether you plan on interring the deceased in a mausoleum, columbarium or traditional cemetery plot. They’ll also need to know where the cemetery is located and whether you want graveside services as well.

Let First Memorial Funeral Services ease your burden

Still unsure of how to plan a funeral? Let the caring staff from First Memorial Funeral Services lessen your burden by providing a helping hand. Contact us today to learn more about our cremation and funeral pre-planning services.

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