Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Cremation Service

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There are many reasons people may choose cremation for themselves or their loved ones. According to Forbes, up to 85% of funeral arrangements may involve cremation versus traditional burials in the next two decades. If you need information about cremation services in Ottawa, reach out to local funeral homes to guide you through the process.
While planning the funeral, you can also take advantage of online funeral arrangements and products. This convenient option allows you to plan your own funeral or the final disposition of a loved one from the privacy of home.

10 Advantages of Cremation Services in Ottawa

There are many good reasons people choose cremation, including affordability, memorial jewelry, and donating the body to science at a loved one’s request.
Here are ten benefits of choosing cremation services in Ottawa:
Affordability: Cremation is typically an affordable way to handle final disposition for you or a loved one. You can save more by going with a simple ceremony. If you have special wishes for your ashes, that may require additional expense.
More Environmentally Friendly: Traditional burials require embalming, a coffin or casket, and land. This uses valuable resources and introduces non-biodegradable materials into the earth. Even if you store the urn in a mausoleum or bury it, it takes up less space.
Family Members Live Far Apart: When family members live far apart, attending a funeral on short notice becomes difficult. By opting for cremation, you can plan to have a memorial service weeks or months in advance. The ashes remain intact, giving you as long as you need to make final plans.
Convenience: Choosing the convenient option isn’t disrespectful to your loved one. Many people find it easier to choose cremation and simplify plans for the final ceremony.
Memorial Tree or Reef: Many families use the ashes to plant a memorial tree. There are other projects such as a memorial reef where you can become part of an environmental solution after you die.
Burial Near Loved Ones: It’s easy to bury an urn near the burial place of a loved one. This is a good solution if you want to visit your loved one after cremation.
Multiple Scattering Sites: If you want your ashes scattered in several sites, cremation allows you to elaborate your plans to scatter your ashes in the ocean, your family home, and other special places.
Donate Body to Science: Organ donors may also want to donate their body to science for research. Cremation allows your loved ones to hold a memorial service.
Keep Loved One Close: You can keep a cremation urn on a mantle or in a memorial space. This allows you to feel close to your loved one after they pass away.
Memorial jewelry: Some people make memorial jewelry containing the deceased’s ashes to help ease the pain of loss.
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