Renfrew County

Saying good-bye to a deceased loved one is difficult enough without dealing with all the planning and decision-making that come with it. You should be able to focus on the moment by sharing positive memories and celebrating their life – not worrying about arranging for funeral homes and cremation services.

Choosing a funeral home in the Renfrew County with a compassionate, discreet, and dedicated staff is your first step. At First Memorial Funeral Homes, we offer affordable burial and cremation service packages while providing the attention and care you expect during this time of mourning and remembrance.

Renfrew County

As one of Canada’s leading funeral homes and cremation services, you and your family can experience this time in a way that meets your unique needs and tastes. Let us help you by lessening your burden with our personalized care.

Since our inception over twenty years ago, we have offered high-quality funeral services that are also cost sensitive. This allows you the opportunity to grieve instead of stressing over the financial burden of the burial.

Spend time in remembrance with a traditional, memorial, same day, gravesite service or no cremation service at all. The choice is yours, and we are here to assist you in making this time memorable for all.

Funeral & Burial Services in the Renfrew County

We provide several end-of-life options and will work with you every step of the way. Enjoy personalized care with our funeral and cremation services, including:

  • Traditional Funeral Service – Take time for family and friends to join you during the visitation and/or viewing before the funeral. The service can be held at our funeral home, your church, or another location.
  • Memorial Service – Generally held after the burial, a memorial service provides the opportunity to celebrate your loved one’s life. Often memory boards and other memorabilia are displayed. People can share their best memories of the deceased with an open mic.
  • Same Day Celebration of Life – Use this service if you would like to have the burial immediately before the celebration. You can hold the service at the funeral home, church, or other location. Share memories of your loved one with each other and display photos and other memorabilia.
  • Graveside Service – Your priest, minister, or another speaker of choice can conduct the service at the mausoleum or cemetery. A reception may be held after the service for family and friends.
Renfrew County
  • Immediate Disposition (No Service) – Not everyone chooses to have a service. We can help by preparing the deceased for cremation, as well as, all of the required paperwork. We will then transport your loved one to the crematorium.
  • Arrangements When Traveling – If an unexpected death happens while you are traveling, we can assist in bringing your loved one safely back to Canada. We can also help with arranging the burial or cremation services of your choice.

Let us help you celebrate the life of your deceased loved one!

Contact us to learn more about our cremation and funeral services in the Renfrew County, including choosing your own celebration with pre-planning assistance.