COVID-19 Affects How You Plan a Funeral in Ottawa

HowCOVID AffectsPlanningAFuneralinOttawa?
By Published On: September 18, 2020Categories: Blog, Funeral Planning

A Virtual Funeral May be a More Practical Option

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only altered the way we live, work, and socialize, but it has also impacted the way we mourn our loved ones. With the guidelines on physical distancing and restrictions on the size of gatherings still in place in most provinces across the country, funeral homes in Ottawa have also had to adapt to the present realities.
Here are some aspects of planning a funeral in Ottawa that could be different in the COVID-19 era.

  • Limiting the size of the gatherings: Although traditionally, funerals have involved large gatherings in enclosed spaces, currently this is not a possibility. You may have to control the total number of people that will attend the funeral or spread out invitees over different events or ceremonies.
  • Digital services: If close relatives are not in a position to attend the funeral due to travel restrictions or health concerns, you may want to consider other options, such as virtual funeral services. Many Canadians have adopted this route to organize online ceremonies. This includes live streaming or recordings of the funeral, as well as celebration of life events through a variety of virtual platforms. This has helped family and friends to come together for paying their last respects and commemorating the deceased.
  • Drive-through options: Some funeral homes are experimenting with drive-through services, where your friends and family could pull up to a window/ kiosk and offer their condolences to the bereaved.

If it is a COVID-19 related death, there are several other restrictions that may apply. Check out the new rules for Ottawa funeral homes during COVID-19 .
At First Memorial Funeral Services, we believe everyone deserves proper death care services and remembrance of their life, regardless of the current constraints. Hence, it is our endeavor to offer alternative solutions that respect public health guidelines, while also helping you to honor the wishes of the loved one you lost. Our online funeral arrangement service is a practical and safe option to plan a virtual funeral during COVID-19. Our compassionate staff will assist you in creating customized online services or events that meet your preferences and budget.
 funeral services in Ottawa during COVID-19
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