Are Burial Vaults Required?

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Burial vaults are essentially boxes that are designed to encase the casket. Typically, these vaults are made of concrete but can sometimes be constructed out of plastic or metal materials. With the cost of a memorial service, you may be wondering if you really need a burial vault. Depending on the circumstances of a burial, it may be necessary to invest in one.
Here are a few instances when a burial vault is required and the additional benefits it can offer:

  • Required by Cemeteries:

Most cemeteries require an outer burial container when burying a casket to prevent the grave from collapsing. Without a burial vault, regular maintenance would be required to ensure that the ground remains level. If you are not keen on a burial vault, you will have to find a cemetery that does not require it.

  • Helps Preserve the Casket:

If you expect to move a grave at some point, investing in a burial vault may be useful. While vaults cannot significantly delay decomposition, they can preserve the casket and therefore, be easier to exhume.

  • Provides Protection:

Burial vaults are lined and sealed, providing protection from the elements and helps the casket resist the downward pressure from heavy maintenance equipment and the earth.
Losing a loved one is difficult enough. We understand that planning a funeral can also be a financial burden for some. That’s why we are committed to providing Ottawa residents with affordable burial services and products including burial vaults. In addition to cost savings, you can expect high quality funeral products and services.
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Have questions about whether you are required to invest in a burial vault? Contact First Memorial Fairview to learn more about our cremation and funeral services.

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