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Nan enjoyed a fabulous life filled with family, travel, excitement and learning. Her love of her family will last in their hearts forever.  She inspired everyone around her and made them feel better about themselves. She left her mark all over the world and saw the potential in everyone.  She found the good in everything and everyone and was a strong and motivating presence, always full of fabulous ideas and innovative approaches.  Nan was full of enthusiasm for everything she did and everyone she met.  The world is a better place because of Nan.  We will all miss sitting with her looking at her garden and sipping on a glass of wine.
We will be celebrating her life with family at our cottage during the summer.

10 responses to “THORP, Nan”

  1. Andree says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Peter and your family.
    I am beyond sad to hear this news.
    I had no idea Nanoo was ill. I’m so very very sorry for your loss.

  2. Darlene MacDonald says:

    My heart goes out to the Thorp family. Nan will be missed by everyone who knew her.

  3. Dr. william wallace mackinnon says:

    I knew Nan since high school and can honestly say that I have never met someone with such a caring and supportive personality. The world has lost one of the best. My condolences to Nan’s family. Rejoice in the fact that Nan shared her life with you rather than mourn her passing.

  4. Dorothy Hatt says:

    “One life well lived is a wonderous thing”!
    That is how Nan lived daily. I met her in 2017 in my first full year at Germain Hotel’s Leadership Training. On the first day Nan picked me first out of the group and asked me what I wanted out of this course. I can’t
    remember my answer but it was not good enough or deep enough for Nan…so she kept pushing and probing…I started to sweat, and we all laughed! We became instant buddies as Nan had a way of making you feel special.
    She talked often about you Peter and her children, her grandchildren snd the cottage.
    I’m sorry she was taken too soon.
    My prayers and thoughts are with all of you and hope you get comfort in knowing how much your wife, your mom and your nana impacted other peoples life’s.
    RIP Nan💔

  5. Dawn Lloyd says:

    Nan was a joy to be with and always looked directly at you, listening to every word you said.
    I’m so happy to have spent time with Nan.

  6. Dorothy Hatt says:

    “One life well lived, is a wonderous thing”.
    That is how Nan lived each and every day!
    I met Nan in January 2017, at Germain’s Leadership course…my 1st year with Germain Hotels.
    First hour on the first day of this course Nan picked me first to tell everyone what my expectations were of this course. Well, thanks guess my answer was not deep enough so Nan kept probing and I started sweating …true story!
    We became connected very quickly but most people would say that about Nan…she connected with everyone and made each of us feel special.
    I’m sorry that Nan left us too early.
    I’m grateful for the time I had to spend with Nan z
    She spoke often about you Peter, her daughters, her sons, grandchildren and of course the cottage.
    RIP Nan💔

  7. Morgan duplisea says:


  8. Judy Tonin says:

    Nan was a mentor to me and many; she was gifted with wisdom, an extraordinary wealth of knowledge, incredible empathy, and subtle wit. Nan had a way of making everyone feel worthy, capable, and intelligent, and often pushed amazing boundaries within every individual. Nan’s family was her top priority and often spoke of them with such indescribable love and affection, all of which underscored her passion for people, learning, and awareness of each other’s talents. RIP, Nan Thorp.

  9. Lorrie and Ron says:

    Our sincere condolences to Peter and family. Ron and I became close friends with Peter and Nan while we were courting, sharing lavish meals, great wines and fabulous conversation. Peter stood for Ron and I at our wedding and Nan was our photographer preserving the memories of our special day.

    Nan was a loving gregarious person who loved her family, friends and
    career and regaled us all with accounts of her travels around the world and great meals lovingly prepared. Nan was so completely giving with a natural affinity to making you feel at home. Ron and I will miss her and love her always.

  10. Beau Rivard says:

    True gem of a human being 🌹She will be greatly appreciated and missed by anyone whom has had the pleasure of meeting such an incredible woman ❤️

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