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Ottawa Funeral Home – Prearranging Your Funeral Services: Part V

Talking about The Things That Matter

We began this series with a look at why service options should be examined and selected in advance, and how discussing or listing your personal wishes in advance can ease things for your loved ones. Part II of this series took a closer look at the kind of burial options available, and how to pick one that suits your needs. In Part III, we examined financial implications and how they can be managed, while Part IV discussed insurance policies and how they don’t necessarily guarantee enough funds or timely assistance.

This, the fifth part of our series, focuses on what benefits you are entitled to receive from the government, and why speaking to your local Dignity Memorial Provider can be of enormous help to you and your family.

First Memorial Funeral Services is one of the most-respected funeral homes in Ottawa. We offer support in any and every way we can, to help make things easier for loved ones left behind. We also encourage prearranging funerals or memorial services to minimize the difficulties faced by your family.

Make Informed Choices in Advance for Your Family

To avoid discussing death or dying is to make things harder for family members who have to plan a funeral. This is why we believe it is important to address questions that may be difficult, but necessary because these answers can prevent family members from feeling overwhelmed during their time of grieving.

Important things to Consider When Prearranging Your Funeral

  1. Find out about Government Benefits

Funeral and burial benefits provided by the Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan and Department of Veterans Affairs are limited, making additional funding necessary. There are conditions related to amounts set aside for burial, funeral expenses and plot interments. To find out what benefits you are eligible to receive, contact Canada Pension Plan at 1-800-277-9914 or Quebec Pension Plan at 1-800-463-5185. For the Department of Veterans Affairs, call 1-866-522-2212.

  1. Speak with your Local Funeral Home

Your local funeral homes are trained professionals who can be valuable resources for you and your family during this difficult time. They can help you understand your options, as well as plan every step of a funeral or cremation service.

Let Our Ottawa Funeral Home Help

First Memorial Funeral Services is leading choice for affordable burial cremation services in Ottawa. If you have questions regarding our services, please contact our team for more information.

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