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COPELAND, Karen “Dubby”

It is with extreme sadness and ultimate relief that we write to let you know that Karen Copeland (Dubby) died at 12:45pm on 14th December 2015 at the Elizabeth Bruyere Hospital, Palliative Care Unit in Ottawa.  Judy F was with her through her six week journey and there as she departed for her next adventure.  As you all will know, Karen had many goals.  She reached a major one on Tuesday 8th December when she celebrated her 70th Birthday.  On that day, strong medication began to work and she was relieved of the extreme pain from liver cancer she had endured during the previous two or three weeks.  She is now free of “the shell” that had so let her down and free from her intense pain.  Never for the faint of heart is this final process.

            The next “Karen Mission” must now be addressed.

On behalf of Karen, we urge all who advocate for CCSVI, Lyme and the many injustices that Karen fought for and against, to add one more fight to your list.  For everyone who believes, as Karen did, that the right to Die with Dignity is a decision that should be made by an individual, not the Government, please make every effort to support a person’s right to choose how and when to die.  As it is an ongoing discussion in Canada, please let your voice be heard and follow Karen in this cause to bring this law into force with no restrictions if it is an individual’s wish.  Karen would encourage all who agree to get behind this movement and to fight for this right in Canada.  Karen did not have time to follow through with this, but so many of us left behind do.

One last message from Karen!
Never lose your sense of humour and your wit.

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