The Importance of Pre-Planning Your Funeral Services

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At First Memorial Funeral Services Fairview Chapel, we know no one likes contemplating the end of their own life, but that day will come for all of us.  Likewise, we will all need funeral services when that day comes – but right now, you still have a choice in how your funeral is handled and can relieve your loved ones of considerable burdens.
By utilizing funeral planning services to pre-plan your funeral, you can make your passing as smooth and easy as possible for those you leave behind.  They won’t be stressed out by difficult choices – they can simply remember you in the way you’d like.

Why Having Your Own Funeral Planning Just Makes Sense

  1. Save your loved ones from making hard choices

Rarely does one ever get much choice in when they depart this world, and often it comes as a complete shock to everyone involved.  Your loved ones will have enough to deal with simply processing your passing and coping with their grief.  You can spare them immeasurable stress and heartache by taking the burden of funeral planning off of their shoulders.

  1. Ensure that cost is not a factor 

Grieving for a lost loved one is bad enough, but worrying about having enough money to properly oversee their final arrangements. By pre-planning your funeral, you can also pre-pay for most or all of it.  When the time comes that our services are required, it will be a worry-free process for your mourners.

  1. Choose the manner of your remembrance 

Do you have particular desires for how your mortal remains are handled?  Are there cultural or religious rites you wish to see fulfilled?  What music or decorations would you like at your wake or service?  By pre-planning, all these things -and more- are entirely under your control.  You could establish everything ahead of time, making things even easier for those you leave behind.

  1. Help your loved ones know what to expect

Finally, you can partially cushion the blow of your passing by making sure those who are closest to you are aware of the plans you’ve made for your funeral.  They would know what to expect in the days following your exit and have a clear guideline for a period of time when they might have trouble making decisions.

First Memorial Funeral Services – Fairview Chapel Can Ease Your Burdens

To learn more about our early funeral planning services, please contact us today.

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