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How to Buy A Cemetery Plot?

There are many factors to consider when buying a burial plot. They include how much you want to spend, costs associated with opening and closing the grave, type of burial container, a grave marker, installing a monument, and care of the gravesite. You will want to consider the type of burial plot you want. Do you want a single-depth space for one person, a side-by-side for burial with family, or a double-depth plot that allows married couples to be buried in the same grave?

Questions to ask when buying a cemetery plot

As you research and contemplate your choices, there are bound to be many questions. Consider these questions when speaking with a funeral home:

1.) Will I own the land? Most of the time, you are only obtaining an easement.

2.) How many people may be buried in the plot? You may want several family members to be together.

3.) What kind of maintenance fees apply, if any? You may have a one-time or monthly fee.

4.) What types of grave markers are allowed? If you are set on a certain type of monument, you need to know you can have one placed.

5.) Can I sell my grave site? If you decide to move, you may want to sell your plot.

Buying a burial plot in advance

It may seem an unpleasant thing to do, but planning your funeral should include buying a burial plot in advance. It offers you a better opportunity to choose the best spaces for you and your family. You may also save money as prices can double quickly over the years.

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