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Fran Ariel Russell passed away peacefully on May 5, 2021, giving her the opportunity to audition
for a heavenly choir where we are sure she will sing her joyful heart out.
Fran had a very loving relationship with her parents, the late Russell and Georgette Albert, growing
up with her three brothers, Robert, James and George. In later years, Fran lovingly raised her two
children, Dee Anne and Jeff on military bases in the Maritimes and Ottawa and later in the
Parkwood Hills community. Fran was a generous and kind mother and equally loving grandmother
to Madeleine, Noah, Kate and Lainey. Fran would try never to miss a Sens playoff run (it’s been a
while!), a Grey Cup party, and a Brier final. In her day, she was a quadruple threat, playing
badminton (RA Centre), softball (DARA), tennis (DARA) and golf at local par 3s. Connections were important to Fran and she found many in her work at Agriculture Canada, her faith community at Temple Israel, and through the friendships formed as a member of the Temple Israel choir and the Ottawa Carleton Choristers.  Like any grandmother worth her salt, Fran knew the secret to capturing the hearts of her grandchildren – pizza parties, fun times in the pool with candy and coins thrown in for good measure. Maddie, Noah, Kate and
Lainey will hold those memories forever. Fran had a weakness for red sports cars and fully loaded
SUVs , so we’ll have to break the news gently to her favourite car salesman. We still have to tell
her cat, Chelsea too – once we find her hiding place, that is!
Fran is also survived by the father of her children, Dave Berry, and we feel grateful for his kindness
and love at this time. He was always a great support to Fran over the years. Thank you to Rabbi
Daniel Mikelberg, and the staff at First Memorial Funeral Services for their guidance and support.
Thank you to Kyle and Melissa, very special neighbours, who were a great help to Fran and her
sidekick, Chelsea. With special thanks to the palliative care team at the Queensway Carleton
Hospital for their care and compassion.
The organization McEvoy-Shields Funeral Home will webcast the funeral ceremony of Fran Russell
on Thursday, May 6, 2021 from 1:45 PM EDT to 3:30 PM EDT .
You can view the ceremony live or on replay at .
The ceremony will be available to all without a password.



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  1. Gillian says:

    Dear Fran… I only met you once and it was a pleasure. However, I do know of your work well – your lovely daughter Dianne and super grandson Noah. Good work Fran!
    May you now rest in peace.

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