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Egar (Eager as we all knew him) Rebetz, born June 25, 1936, just shy of his 85th birthday.  It is with the utmost grief that we share the passing of my father on May 20, 2021.  He was married to a ray of sunshine, Mavis Edith Ayotte, who left us far too soon due to Alzheimer’s.  Dad had a wonderful last five years of life. He loved being at the cottage and driving his red scooter all over the countryside. He sure kept me in shape on my bicycle beside him. He took Sweetpea (who he renamed Peewee) our chihuahua as his. It is heartbreaking to watch Sweetpea trot to his room and not find him. There is an immense void in our house without the smell of Dad’s waffles and coffee every morning.

I leave you with the vision I have of my dad in my heart. I on my bicycle and he on his red scooter.  He’s wearing his leather jacket, black Snoopy helmet, bandit goggles, and a white scarf flowing in the wind.  He’s doing wheelies and telling me to hurry that I am going too slow. Let’s not forget the license plate, “Born to be Wild”.
We love you, Daddy. Give Mommy a hug.

Forever missed by Tara, Steve, Shelby and Conner Heinbuch.

5 responses to “REBETZ. Egar”

  1. Amanda & Family says:

    My deepest condolences to you and your family Tara. Your Dad sounds like a fantastic person. Sending love and hugs during this difficult time.

  2. Patricia Durant says:

    Fear Tara, Steve and family,

    Our deepest condolences to you all as you journey through this most difficult time.

    Pat and Michael

  3. Nicola says:

    I have a beautiful image of him now. Truly a lovely tribute to a wonderful man. Sending you love and all the best in a difficult time.

  4. Christina Hache says:

    Very nice words about your father, Tara.

    All my condolences to you and your family.

  5. jackson m says:

    my deepest utmost condolences to you and your family, he seems like he was a sweetie and looks so adorable with that fish

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