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Ottawa Funeral Home – Prearranging Your Funeral Services: Part IV

March 06, 2018

Taking Care of Things Well in Advance In Part I of this series, we discussed why understanding your service options is important, along with why it makes sense to write down all your personal wishes to make things easier for your family. Part II focused on the planning process and decisions about what kind of […]

Funeral Planning Services in Ottawa – Planning a Celebration of Life

February 21, 2018

Planning a funeral service in Ottawa, whether for yourself or for a loved one, is an incredibly important part of someone’s final wishes. Not only is it an opportunity to memorialize the incredible life lived, but it also offers family and friends a way to gain a peaceful sense of closure. There are several options […]

Affordable Burial & Cremation in Ottawa – Prearranging Your Funeral Services: Part III

February 13, 2018

Making the Caring Decision to be Prepared In Part I of this series, we highlighted the necessity of understanding your service options and the importance of writing down all your personal wishes for your family to have. In Part II, we discussed the need to go over the planning process with your family and decide […]

Ottawa Cremation Services – Prearranging Your Funeral Services: Part II

February 05, 2018

Preparing for the Future In Part I of our series, we discussed the importance of understanding all your funeral options and putting your personal wishes into writing for your family. Here in Part II, we’ll cover family planning and making a final decision regarding the type of service you want. There are a multitude of […]