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The Importance of Pre-Planning Your Funeral Services

December 28, 2017

At First Memorial Funeral Services Fairview Chapel, we know no one likes contemplating the end of their own life, but that day will come for all of us.  Likewise, we will all need funeral services when that day comes – but right now, you still have a choice in how your funeral is handled and […]

Obituaries in Ottawa – Why They Are So Important

December 06, 2017

An obituary serves many different purposes after the passing of a loved one. It provides you with an opportunity to pen a “farewell” to the person and is a way to tell the story of the deceased’s life. An obituary also serves as an informational piece, communicating details of the memorial services that will be […]

Choosing Cremation Service in Ottawa

November 29, 2017

Your loved one may have specifically requested cremation as one of their final wishes, and now you are taking on the task of planning the process. There are several aspects to consider when selecting cremation, and many people find themselves surprised at the number of decisions they need to make as a part of the […]

How to Select a Theme for a Memorial Service

September 13, 2017

Did he or she have a specific hobby? Consider displaying sports equipment, trophies and awards, cooking utensils, written items, art and craftwork, or stamp collections anything that recognizes the person’s interests. Considering selecting a funeral program template that represents his interest. Maybe the person took great pride in his or her career. If so, honor […]