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How to Select a Theme for a Memorial Service

September 13, 2017

Did he or she have a specific hobby? Consider displaying sports equipment, trophies and awards, cooking utensils, written items, art and craftwork, or stamp collections anything that recognizes the person’s interests. Considering selecting a funeral program template that represents his interest. Maybe the person took great pride in his or her career. If so, honor […]

Criteria for Planning a Memorial Service

September 13, 2017

Decide on location or setting: If you choose a memorial ceremony, you will have a lot more flexibility and time to create a personalized experience. Memorial services that focus on the interests, activities, and past times of the person who has passed away are becoming more and more popular. These services are often held in […]

Memorial Services Ideas

September 13, 2017

Memorial services can vary in style, tone, and content just as widely as the unique personalities of the individuals being memorialized. As more and more families choose to modify or entirely steer clear of “traditional” services, the options for celebrating the life of a loved one multiply to accommodate the preferences of the family or […]