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Why Funeral Planning Services In Ottawa Make Sense

July 06, 2018

Preparing For The Inevitable Discussing a funeral or cremation service is never easy because it is a subject we are taught to think of as difficult. It is also inevitable though, which is why a practical approach can make things easier for loved ones left behind to cope with the process of grieving. First Memorial […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cremation Services in Ottawa

June 26, 2018

A Matter Of Convenience Direct cremation services in Ottawa are often a choice for some families who have certain financial issues or prefer to avoid typical funeral arrangements. Simply put, direct cremation occurs shortly after death, without any formal arrangements for a visitation or memorial that can often call for additional payments. They are a […]

Why Online Funeral Arrangements Make Sense In Ottawa

May 18, 2018

Think About Those Left Behind Making funeral arrangements is never a pleasant task, considering we are dealing with the loss of someone loved. The ones left behind have to deal with grief, and then struggle with decisions that may seem simple but actually become fraught with significance when it comes to celebrating someone’s life and […]

How Choosing Funeral Planning Services Make Things Easier For Your Loved Ones

May 08, 2018

Why Planning Makes Sense First Memorial Funeral Services recognizes that the contemplation of one’s death is difficult, but also necessary. We also understand that this becomes an extremely difficult time for those left behind because dealing with grief is never easy when one also has to focus on making arrangements for a funeral, wake or […]

Online Funeral Arrangement In Ottawa For Convenience

March 29, 2018

A Celebration Of Life First Memorial Funeral Services, one of the most-respected funeral homes in Ottawa, has long held on to the belief that a funeral service should be the celebration of a life. It should have something to say about the person leaving us, showcase a legacy left behind for family and friends, and […]

Why Funeral Pre Planning Makes Sense

March 22, 2018

Being Prepared Can Make A Difference We ran a series of blogs focusing on funeral services and how listing your personal wishes in advance can make things a lot easier to manage for your loved ones. We also took a closer look at burial options and financial matters. This blog post discusses funeral pre-planning in […]