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What Services You Should Expect from a Funeral Home in Ottawa

August 13, 2018

Low-Cost Services Affordable cremation is one of the biggest factors to be taken into consideration when one is looking for funeral homes in Ottawa. Dealing with grief is difficult, and the last thing loved ones left behind must struggle with is decisions involving a funeral or cremation service and all related costs. First Memorial Funeral […]

Cremation Services in Ottawa For Every Need and Budget

August 03, 2018

Your Choice of Funeral Service If you’re looking for cremation services in Ottawa, there are all kinds of options available starting with traditional funeral services and going all the way to special memorials, wakes or any other needs depending upon one’s wishes and circumstances. First Memorial Funeral Services believes in offering low-cost services to suit […]

Here Are A Few Options to Consider When It Comes to Cremation Services in Ottawa

July 25, 2018

Traditional Funeral Services There are a number of options available when one is determining the right type of service for the funeral of a loved one. There are cremation services in Ottawa, burial services, memorials and visitations that involve viewings and even direct cremation services depending on how one chooses to say goodbye to a […]

Why Direct Cremation in Ottawa Can Be A Sensible Choice

July 17, 2018

Simple and Effective Financial issues can sometimes compel families to opt for direct cremation in Ottawa because this enables them to avoid not just potential problems related to money but also the fuss that may come with typical funeral arrangements. In such a scenario, cremation takes place shortly after death without the need for arrangements […]

Why Funeral Planning Services In Ottawa Make Sense

July 06, 2018

Preparing For The Inevitable Discussing a funeral or cremation service is never easy because it is a subject we are taught to think of as difficult. It is also inevitable though, which is why a practical approach can make things easier for loved ones left behind to cope with the process of grieving. First Memorial […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cremation Services in Ottawa

June 26, 2018

A Matter Of Convenience Direct cremation services in Ottawa are often a choice for some families who have certain financial issues or prefer to avoid typical funeral arrangements. Simply put, direct cremation occurs shortly after death, without any formal arrangements for a visitation or memorial that can often call for additional payments. They are a […]