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Affordable Burial Services

The Traditional Funeral Service

Whether you are opting for burial or cremation services in Ottawa, a traditional funeral service begins with visitation and/or viewing before and possibly on the day of the funeral. Spending this time with your loved one allows you and your family the opportunity for a personal goodbye and starts the closure portion of the grief process.

Depending on your preferences, traditional burial or cremation services in Ottawa can be held at the funeral home, your church or other location of choice; keeping in mind the number of attendees. After the service, the casket will be brought to the crematorium or the cemetery. If desired, a reception is held at the funeral home’s reception facilities, or location of choice.


Service of Remembrance / Memorial Service

Choose a formal religious service or gather with family and friends to celebrate the life of your loved one. Ottawa burial services are generally held before the day of the memorial and if cremation service is chosen, the urn may be on display at the service if you wish. You may consider making up a display such as a memory board of photos or memorabilia that represent your loved one’s life and an open mic can also be arranged if you wish guests to share their memories. End the memorial service or gathering with a reception if desired. This type of service can be held at the funeral home, your church or location of choice depending on the expected number of guests.


Same Day Service – Celebration of Life

This can either be a formal religious service or simply a gathering of family and friends. Burial usually precedes the service or gathering. This service is held in the funeral home, church or other location, depending on the family’s preference and taking into account the amount of people expected to attend. If cremation is chosen, the urn can either be present at the service or not at the service, depending on the family’s choice. Memorial boards incorporating family pictures may be displayed along with memorabilia and/or treasured items of the deceased. Family and friends socialize, reminisce and enjoy the pictures and memorabilia present and sometimes there is an open microphone to share stories with everyone. A reception may follow the service or gathering. Interment of the urn usually takes place at a later date. The Same Day Service- Celebration of Life is available at all First Memorial Funeral Services® locations.


Graveside Service

Held at a mausoleum or cemetery of choice in the Ottawa area, your priest, minister or speaker of choice will conduct the service. Once the ceremony is over, a reception can be held so family and friends can gather to remember their loved one.


Immediate Disposition without Service

We offer affordable burial services in Ottawa without services or receptions that include having the deceased brought from the place of death to the funeral home, processing and procuring the documentation for death registration and securing the permit for burial, your loved one will be placed in the container of your choosing and transported to the crematorium for the cremation to take place.


Away from Home Arrangements

If you are traveling and the unexpected occurs, First Memorial Ottawa can help with transportation and logistics. For this service, it is best to contact your Ottawa funeral director who will act on your behalf to ensure your loved one is transported safely back home where the services of your choice and burial can be arranged. If you are traveling where language or culture may pose a problem, it is wise to see counsel at a Canadian Consulate or visit


Compassionate Help


With every Ottawa burial service package, loved ones have access to a complimentary 13 month subscription to our Compassion Helpline – a 24-hour service for those who need help navigating their journey through grief.


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