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Choose your Own Celebration of Life with Funeral Pre-planning Services 

While you may not like to think of your life ending, you understand that preplanning your funeral will spare your loved ones the burden of this task as they struggle with their grief. First Memorial Funeral Services in Ottawa offers you the ability to choose how you wish your life to be celebrated and allows your loved ones to begin their grief process without worrying if they have made the right choices. The following are just a few of the benefits achieved by funeral pre-planning:

  • Remove the financial burden of your funeral costs from your loved ones.
  • Have your life celebrated in the manner of your choosing.
  • Relieve your loved ones of having to make these difficult decisions upon your passing.
  • Make your decisions when you are not under pressure.
  • You can share your plan with your loved ones so they know what to expect.


Convenient Funeral Planning Services and Options

With our convenient funeral planning services, you can choose the celebration of your life that best suits your personality and budget. We ask that you fill out the information in the form below so we can assist you in pre-planning and ensure all the details are covered.

For more information on our funeral planning or pre planning services in Ottawa, contact us today.


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